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Welcome to SEID System

What is SEID System?

SEID System is a roleplaying game system! 'SEID' is an acronym made up of the four primary statistics used by the game, called Attributes; Strength, Endurance, Intelligence, and Dexterity. It's a distillation of my ideals in RPG systems, lightweight, easy to use, moddable, versatile, and robust. SEID is meant to be usable both as the basis of tabletop and computer RPGs, but also as a tracking system for less gamified roleplaying. It's designed to allow storytelling in exciting, high intensity genres without the bloated rulesets and sluggish mechanics of many mainstay genre systems.

Why should I use SEID, and who are you anyway?

Well, I'm Ceph. Hi! I'm a passionate amatuer game designer and RPG enthusiast. I've been obsessed with games and their mechanical systems since I was a small child, and have designed numerous original systems and homebrew mods. Videogames make up most of my consumption of games, but tabletop RPGs hold my heart. Ironically, given my love of the systems themselves, my biggest pet peeve about roleplaying games is when the mechanics of play get in the way of telling a compelling story. Mechanics should be the supporting lead of an RPG, not its' star role. This is the philosophy that I've brought into designing SEID.

Inspired by dWd Studio's d00lite, and Lumpley Games' Apocalypse World systems, SEID should appeal to you if your favorite tabletop games are rules-lite or even single page, if you've ever been playing an RPG and been heart-broken to hear "That's not in the rules" to a cool idea, or if you'd love to play something like Vampire The Masquerade or Cyberpunk 2077 but have been scared off by huge rulebooks. The versitality of comes not from having a rule for every possibility, but broadening the possibilities of just a handful of rules.

Okay, that's exciting. What do I do?

You're in luck! If you're reading this, then you've already got the SEID rulebook. Use the Table of Contents to the left of this page to navigate. If you're going to be hosting a SEID System game, start with the Moderating SEID page, otherwise the best place to start is with Character Creation. Following is a brief rundown of the pages of this manual.

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Character Creation
A guided tutorial for building a character profile within the SEID system.
An explanation of SEID's advancement system, and advancement cost tables.
A detailed explanation of the skill system and a library of skill definitions.
A detailed explanation of the inventory system and a library of item cards.
Playing SEID
The player-facing rules of SEID. When to roll dice and what to do about the results.
Moderating SEID
The rules and best practices for playing SEID as a Moderator.
A library of detailed Adversaries.
An explanation on how to use and create theme Modules, and a list of official Modules.
Links to digital resources for SEID System; profile sheets, printables, programs, etc.
Definitions of SEID System terminology.