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SEID System Advancement

Development within SEID is dependant on three factors.

Development Potential represents the Player Character's capacity for personal Growth. Growth is the sum of all spent Experience Points, and cannot exceed Development Potential. Both Experience Points and Development Potential can be rewarded by the GM for certain actions, generally following the pattern of Development Potential for failure, and Experience Points for success.

Experience Point Rewards

Action Experience Value
Succeeding any Skill Roll 1 Experience Point
Achieving a stated goal. e.i. Completing a mission or personal motive. 5 Experience Points
Helping another character achieve a goal. (Not a paid job, like a mission) 3 Experience Points
Removing a negative Modifier from themself or another PC. 2 Experience Points
Displaying inguenuity or creativity in solving a problem. 3 Experience Points

Development Potential Rewards

Action Gained Potential
Irreperably failing a stated goal. Ruining your chances or completely failing a mission. 5 Development Potential
Suffering a Moderate injury. 2 Development Potential
Suffering a Major Injury 3 Development Potential
Suffering a Deadly Injury 4 Development Potential
Failing a Rescue roll. 1 Development Potential
Suffering Minor Trauma. 1 Development Potential
Suffering Moderate Trauma. 2 Development Potential

Development Options

Advancement Cost Advancement Cost
Increase Attribute
0>1, 1>2, 2>3
2 Experience Points Train Professional Skill
First, Second
3 Experience Points
Increase Attribute
3>4, 4>5, 5>6
3 Experience Points Train Professional Skill
5 Experience Points
Increase Attribute
6>7, 7>8
4 Experience Points Train Professional Skill
7 Experience Points
Increase Attribute
8>9, 9>10
5 Experience Points Train Professional Skill
10 Experience Points
Select New Trait 6x Number of Traits
Experience Points
Remove Major Trauma 4 Experience Points