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SEID System Items Library

Miniature First Aid Kit

A small zippered box full of essential supplies for treating minor wounds.

Medicine +15%

Pump Action Shotgun

A typical 12ga Shotgun, for civilian and law enforcement use.

Firearms +45% | Enforcer +15%
Major Injury - Full of Buckshot

Hazardous Materials Suit

A traditional hazmat suit. Protects from chemical spills, airborne pathogens, and moderate radiation exposure.

Science +20% | Care -10%
+50% To Rescue Rolls Against Hazmats

Ballistic Vest

A simple bullet and stab resistant vest, typical of security gaurds and cops.

Enforcer +10%
+45% To Rescue Rolls Against Bullets and Blades

Sawed Off Shotgun

A double barreled 20ga shotgun, illegally modified by shortening the barrels and removing the stock, making it easier to conceal.

Firearms +25% | Criminality +15%
Major Injury - Full of Buckshot

Military Shotgun

A modern military shotgun, loaded with anti-personel flechette ammo to penetrate hard targets and breach locked doors.

Firearms +80% | Enforcer +25%
Intrusion +40%
Deadly Injury - Perforated

Comfortable Running Shoes

They're mostly plastic foam, and made with sweatshop labor, but these cheap sneakers offer great arch support.

Athletics +30%

Emergency Medic Bag

A portable bag containing all the essential euipment and supplies to treat emergency injuries.

Medicine +35%

Large Medic Bag

A comprehensive doctor's bag, including supplies for emergency medical care and field surgery.

Medicine +75%