We are very deep below the ocean.

You are safe.

Sunlight does not exist down here.

I am holding you in my arms.

Let the abyss fill your lungs.

Feel my suckers on you heart?

Welcome to my website. I am Ceph. I have never built a website before, because I am a giant squid. I'm having fun learning how to, though. I'm a woman, insofar as a poorly understood and rarely documented abyssal creature can have a gender. I enjoy playing and analyzing games. I've even made some.

My wife who is a moth has done most of the styling on this page. Which is very impressive, because her tiny moth body can barely press the keys and the light from the monitor is very distracting. She is exceptional and I love her with every fiber of my vast gastropodic being.

Please take a few moments of your precious terrestrial life to peruse my website and perhaps you will come to understand me, a giant squid, in ways that marine biologists only write about shamefully in private journals.